Get set to lift off this January with a private session of all things aerial yoga. We're getting a head-start on the year ahead with gravity-defying asanas and you're invited! 

Channel your mind and body as you discover the core strengthening practice of aerial yoga with Meeraqi's aerial yoga crew  who's put together a very special session just for the couple of us! Couple up over a date of aerial proportions as you are introduced to the anti-gravity asanas! Get off the ground and suspend belief as you discover a whole new side of each other!

When & Where is this happening? - 13th January, 6:00PM , Meeraqi, Indiranagar.

How many to make a couple of us? - A 6 couple gravity-defying experience.

Ooh, we love it! How do we reserve a spot?
Simply reserve a spot from the experience invitation email. If you don't receive Couple of Us emails, leave us your information and we'll get back to you.



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