From the tunes of Elvis the King, to the swing beats of the rock & roll Beatles era - three words stand out, comeon' let’s jive!

Join a couple of us as we jam together and learn the moves, spins and slides you'll need to get the party jiving. The jive is effortless, easy to learn and great to tap your feet to at any party.

We promise you the funnest way to shake a leg, learn a short dance sequence and have a ball together.

We’re taking a hour out on Sunday over drinks, dimsums and a whole lotta dancing. So shine your dancing shoes and dust those top hats ladies n’ gents, get ready for a boozy October dancedown.

Don’t worry about being a beginner or a practitioner, the experience has something for everyone. 

Ooh, we love it! How do we reserve a spot?
Simply reserve a spot from the experience invitation email. If you don't receive Couple of Us emails, leave us your information and we'll get back to you.